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Whited Sepulcher Beatrice Marot Leaves 2 Decades of Victims In Her Wake as Cyber Bully, Stalker

"Beatrice Marot's Long List of Victims and Crimes":  

(photo is at least 25 years old, no recent photo available)

Beatrice Marot's Crimes Against The Innocent

My name is Kimberly and I am being stalked by Beatrice for a fallout we had when she fostered dogs for me that I'd rescued from a shelter. Beatrice Marot has been stalking me, my friends, my social networking profiles and emailing me almost daily ever since - including filing countless false consumer report fraud complaints against me which I can only guess was to get back at me, and after what she did to the foster dogs we trusted her to take care of, as promised in the foster contract she'd signed. I'll never understand why, why she went on this campaign to ruin me after I tried every way I knew to be polite, and professional, even after she threatened what every rescuer fears most, to dump the rescue dogs at the kill shelter! An innocent, sweet young mamma dog and her tiny puppy who she claimed to care about. I knew then I was dealing with a very sick person and handled it the best to my ability, but no matter what I did, her anger and efforts to ruin me just continues to escalate. She still comments and leaves rebuttals on the many consumer complaints she filed against me just going on and on that in her opinion I over reacted to what she describes as 10 minutes of anger. But you can ask any rescuer if there was any circumstance where it might be acceptable to leave a rescue dog(s) with a foster who acted over whelmed in many phone calls and messages complaining about the dogs then leaves a message to you that if you don't get there fast enough to pick them up, that she would dump your rescue dogs at the nearest shelter, which by the way was a high volume, high kill city shelter hell hole. I am NOT THE ONLY RESCUER SHE'S DONE THIS TO either! In fact I AM THE 3RD RESCUE SHE FOSTERED FOR THEN WENT NUTS ON THEM THE SAME WAY, THAT I KNOW OF, THERE MAY BE MORE - THAT'S NOT COUNTING THE PEOPLE UN-RELATED TO RESCUE! And I am also not the only cyber stalking victim Beatrice Marot uses the internet to exact her vengeance on - this is from the original blog/webpage that I created and published for two simple reasons:  1.To defend myself against her lies and accusations 2. To warn others who might also come into contact Beatrice Marot and hopefully spare them (and any animals she offers to dump foster) from going through what myself and several others have been through at the hands of that wretched woman years of character assassination, cyber stalking and bullying. 

Since Beatrice was using every tool available to her to cram her side of the story of what happened with the dogs down everyone's throat and try to spread lies that I am a fraud and rip off person, so to defend myself and our name and I felt I had no choice but to create a blog with my side of the story, which can be found below under "Other Information Available" about her.. Included in this blog is just some, not all, of the information available on Beatrice Marot on the internet, which once you look into it all have a very similar pattern.

As per The Freedom of Information Act
5 U.S.C. § 552, As Amended By
Public Law No. 104-231, 110 Stat. 3048
This site is dedicated to exposing an internet stalker and con person for what she is. This is all the information that is readily available to the public on the individual named Beatrice Marot.

Beatrice Marot uses this profile (and recently, has added a few others) to slander and cyber stalk her victims:

Beatrice Marot claims to be a phsychic

The websites she uses for this scam are: and

Her victims used the same websites she uses to defend themselves which only serves to enrage her further and sets her off and another internet rampage. Beatrice Marot is a very busy person on the internet stalking people who don't agree with her or people who make her angry. The following is result of all that.


Chip Coffey is the respected television phsychic who, in sticking with her usual serial stalker fashion, her side of the story is that HE stalked HER - along with about half a dozen other people she claims stalk her - according to Beatrice anyway... that's her M.O. - it's what she's done to everyobne of her victims over the years - she accuses her victims of actually being the one's who are victimizing HER - when in reality the truth is the opposite. To follow is a search list of sites she has slandered him on, which goes on and on and is the definition of cyber stalking - please follow this link: 

there's alot more, but some has such serious allegation I don't want to further publicise it on the internet, none of it's true.

Beatrice name drops in shameless attempt to connect her name with celebrities for a pathetic attempt at some fake credibility

Beatrice even tried to connect her name to Tupac:

and even Robert De Niro:

Oh and we can't leave out Billy Zane! 

He bought her the apartment she lives and this is how she repaid him, she cyber bullied and slandered him for years too:


and this blog by Beast called WHO'S BILLY ZANE? is a ridiculously full of shit like everything else she publishes:

and I don't even know what these are about, but it looks like interesting reading, click the green link or copy and past the green url into your webrowser:

  1. charlie | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ...
    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. ... Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER ...
  2. SAD | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ...
    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. ... Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER ...
  3. myself | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ...
    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. ... Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER ...


NewsGator Article/Blog  “beatrice marot and her multi-delusional reality”:


Complaints filed against Beatrice Marot using same website she uses: 

Seems she didn't like it when people took her favorite weapon and started beating right back with it, and strikes back without thinking it through in typical Beatrice fashion. If she had a brain she might be dangerous.


For more just search her name on Google and Bing, since every day she's still at it, there will be more to come.

If you need a good laugh at her expense this Howard Stern Radio Show clip is golden!:

Beatrice sucks her way onto the Howard Stern radio show!  Follow this link to the Howard Stern Show News Archives For The Week Of 9/2/2002 to 9/6/2002:

And MORE RECENTLY, Beatrice Marot is commenting all through this guys blog (till banned) Beast (our pet name for Beatrice Marot) in all her bat-shit crazy glory - I bring you

"Rant In A Minor" by Kris King:

To see Beatrice in action with all her usual insanity please follow this link:
live link: "Psychic ability and talking to ghosts? You’re either a fraud or mentally ill." by Tony


For the truth of what happened between Beatrice Marot and I is in my blog below.  It's about not just me but the two little rescue dogs I had to take back from Beatrice Marot after her 3 months off her unpredictable behavior culminated in an email message saying she was going to dump them at a shelter if I didn't show up quick enough to pick them up. Follow this link to read what she's done to me - this is what really ACTUALLY happened, facts backed up with evidence, this is the truth, which you'll notice is very different from her absurd, twisted, deliberately dishonest version:

DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters) published Oct 2011 by Kimberly Glasnapp

BEATRICE DIVES OVER THE EDGE OF INSANITY ~ the pm's that started it all


Published July 2011, updated Nov 2011 by Kimberly Glasnapp

LOOK BELOW AT ALL THE FALSE ONLINE CONSUMER COMPLAINTS   Beatrice Marot Filed Against me (SO FAR) since I had the police had to be called in to help me remove the two frightened rescue dogs that she had been trusted to foster for us in October 16, 2011  - 4 months ago.  ...Some of the complains have since been removed, some edited.... she's also posted more up on the same sites since then, so to see what she's been up to since then you would have to do a Google or Bing search of her name along with my name (Beatrice Marot & Kimberly Glasnapp of Bambi's Hope Rescue).  comments from of above post!/I_Got_Screwed/statuses/148868900283613184   ******no doubt something someone unknowingly shared from Beast - may've been removed    ****there are 6 pages of it   ****this is page 4


iTunes - Podcasts - The 'X' Zone Radio Show Podcast by Rob ... - United Kingdom
INVESEC investigates computer crimes, such as identity theft, harassing e-mails, ......CleanBeatrice Morat, Hollywood Spiritual Advisor - Beatrice Marot has been a ...Celebrity clients include Robert De Niro, Robin Wright, Billy Zane, Michelle ...

Ripoff Report | BEATRICE MAROT | Complaint Review: 401141
Dec 13, 2008 – BEATRICE MAROT - RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, DEFAMATION OF ...Sean Penn, actor Billy Zane and, most recently, with Dick Clark Productions. ..... his friends to harass me and call me and purposely leave negative feedback.

There was one that showed Beatrice saying that I won't return any of her emails because "she's trying to make it look like I"M the one harassing her" lmao, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. She's all over the place harassing and slandering me and also harassing anyone who shows support and love for me. BEATRICE IS A LIAR, AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE SHE'S HARASSING ME IT'S BECAUSE SHE IS!!!! If she what she's doing seems like stalking it's because IT IS. And if you look at all I've written couldn't even be misconstrued by her, the pro of manipulation, it is clearly just reacting to an attack and defending myself against her lies. She's also ADMITTED to slandering me to cause me the same pain she felt the day she blew it with the dogs. ... and how she can blame anyone but her self for how what transpired is just a testament to how disturbed she really is. 


  1. You are such an unbelievably evil woman. Brian Thompson is a skeptic. That post has nothing to do with animals and I'm the one that took down my comments. But thank you for this thread. I am sending it to the Detective right now. You are a deranged lunatic Kimberly Glasnapp and you belong in prison. And thank you for involving Chip Coffey. That was perfect. I added to my Ghost Theory post that he called you with kind words and support. Of course he did. Tanila and Chip could be your parents.

  2. i did go to that screwed site its been removed shes a busy lil beast roflmfao

    1. Yeah a few of them were removed but shortly after were just replaced with new posts she wrote.

  3. I was weeding through the sea of bull shit Beatrice has posted on me when I saw her saying on one the boards that that I won't return any of her emails because "she's trying to make it look like I"M the one harassing her" lmao, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. She's all over the place harassing and slandering me and also harassing anyone who shows support and love for me.

    BEATRICE IS A LIAR, AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE SHE'S HARASSING ME IT'S BECAUSE SHE IS!!!! Supposedly you are all supposed to believe even though I never do anything to bother her, that I'm the one who won't let this go. Everyone can see she's the one going around griping about how wrong she thinks we were. I guess I was supposed to let her ruin me and go and hide somewhere in obscurity, but since everything she says is a lie and I'm nothing she says I am, I don't even make any money in rescue! Let alone STEAL from my animals donations. I lay out all I do for everyone to see and no one, NO ONE has any issue with me, I have a good reputation in the animal rescue community and have been around for 6 years. If I was no good, they would have booted me out already. I love animals and every animal I try to help is out of love and desire to help, nothing more. and I don't claim to be a 501, I make clear I'm not yet, but will be soon, and there is NOTHING WRONG with raising funds to rescue animals even if you're not a 501, ALL that is YOU MORON BEATRICE is a tax status and everyone knows (except Beatrice I guess) that just because a rescue's a 501 non-profit doesn't mean they're legitimate anymore than it means if they don't have a non-profit that they're not. I have 5 dogs out in foster homes right now, and I don't get enough donations for their vetting and food and supplies but I get it all anyway. My dogs have everything, kennels, collars, tags, leashes, harnesses, beds, sweaters, toys, treats, food, and medical. I LOVE THEM LIKE THEY'RE MY KIDS. She knows I'm not what she says, that's what so fucked up about this, she knows she's lying through her teeth but wants to get back at me for the embarrassment she felt that day and everyone on Facebook knowing she had them removed, but they only knew because she put it out there. And because she included horrible accusations with her side of the story, I was forced to put out my side of the story. Beatrice did not handle this well and the fact that she's seen saying she thinks she did is just testament to how deeply disturbed she is.

    I was just reflecting back on that day earlier, after last night after reading somewhere she said in her opinion she handled the whole situation fine and I was the one who was unreasonable but that of course is another lie, and the incident report that day would reflect that since the Burbank Police had to come and help me out. Anyway, my point is, how actually completely unreasonable she was from start to finish, to make a very long story short is the whole 3 months she was complaining about the dogs, about them ruining things, I would send gift cards, thank you cards, then the reloadable Visa was too much trouble (that I had to put in my name because she said she didn't want her name on anything) and then that wasn't good enough, this is all in messages between us by the way so it's all very well documented - she asked me to send cash, which I did, and at first she denied getting it then fessed up after about 10 days she got it. I could see she was unstable and that our deal was going south so I stopped answering my phone, forcing her to communicate through messages because I knew it was heading for nothing good. I knew with Beatrice she was just going to complain, because it always seemed like no matter what I did it wasn't enough and the harder I tried to please her the more difficult she was.


    Also throughout the whole ordeal I gave her alot of say so, I told her if she didn't like a potential foster that I wouldn't use them. Then she demanded I find Chanel & her puppy Gracie (the dogs I rescued she'd been entrusted to foster temporarily) a home within a twenty minute drive to her so she could keep in contact and visit them easily - I never should have agreed but I also knew she kind of wanted the dogs so I thought as long as she was willing to care for them she could make is a hard to find them homes as she wanted to, since she knew this requirement greatly reduced their prospects for finding homes.

    Then came the day she messaged me she'd had enough and was going to dump them at the shelter if I didn't hurry up and pick them up, my heart stopped, because the message was more than 9 hours old. Then I saw another message after it that she'd sent, saying that her "meltdown" was over but to find them a home asap. So I did, I found a great replacement foster and couldn't wait to let her know I had a good one and that I'd be there to pick them up the following morning, and Beatrice's idea of handling that well, even though you can see in the messages I was being friendly even though she'd been horrible to me and the dogs, so what do you think she did next? SHE BLOCKED ME. So I was left to wonder and hope that until the next day morning when I drove out there. So I drove almost 2 hours to get there and knocked and no one came to the door. I could here the dogs right on the other side of the door and could here here shuffling them into another room. I didn't want to leave so my 19 yr old daughter and I sat on her porch and ate some lunch we brought, smoked a cigarette, then went back and knocked again, I wasn't happy but was in no way acting like I was angry or any thing, I just wanted to pick up Chanel & Gracie and get them to their new foster home. I couldn't understand since she didn't want to adopt them, and didn't want to foster them anymore and was so unhappy with the arrangement, why wouldn't she answer the door?

  5. COMMENT CONTINUED: I think she liked having so much control over the whole rescue/adoption situation and wanted to keep an upper hand, so she was prepared to keep them when she made it so clear she couldn't handle it. Now I'm concerned, I don't want to leave without them. So I call her from my cell phone and ask her as nicely as I can to pick up the phone, or to come out and talk to me. I was talking to dead air, I knew she didn't care, so I told her I'd wait 10 minutes and if she didn't come out and talk to me I was going to call the police to report I was there per our written agreement and that she was refusing to answer the door and give me the dogs. She never came out, and I kept my word. They came out and at first she ignored them too. They told me what I expected to hear, that it's civil and they can't make her give me the dogs, that they'd make a report and I might have to sue her to get them back. So they were about to leave when she finally came out with wild hair and eyes acting really unstable the first thing they aren't happy about it is her ignoring their knocking on her door. So you can imagine she's not off to a good start with these cops. She was acting really strange, her moods swingly wildly from one minute to the next, from wanting to hug and make up to getting in my face and screaming at me, calling me names, back to trying to hug me again. It was really weird and the cops sympathised with me and those poor dogs so much that they pretty much talked her into giving up the dogs, they made her feel like she had to. They told me they were dog lovers and we all left feeling terrible for the ones still in her care.

    By the time I got home that night from taking the dogs to their new foster home Beatrice was already sharing all over Facebook a Note called "A VERY SAD TAIL . . . OF TWO SWEET DOGS AND A COUPLE OF MEAN BITCHES!" it kept changing and she wrote other notes, but I have copies of all of them before she could edit or delete them.

    Like I just said at the bottom of my Google Blog, I was weeding through the sea of posts she's got out about me when I saw one that showed Beatrice said that I wasn't answering her emails to make it look like she was the one harassing me, but I say IF IT LOOKS LIKE SHE'S HARASSING ME IT'S BECAUSE SHE IS!!!! She said that I won't return any of her emails because "she's trying to make it look like I"M the one harassing her" lmao, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck She's all over the place harassing and slandering me and also harassing anyone who shows support and love for me. Like I said, BEATRICE IS A LIAR, AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE SHE'S HARASSING ME IT'S BECAUSE SHE IS!!!!

  6. Kimberly . . . All you are doing is hurting yourself. You are ruining your own reputation. I have nothing but compassion for you. I told you what you did to Gracie and Chanel would happen to you and it did. It is your karma for all your madness. God sent Michael (the name Michael means "Who is Like God.")and with love he separated your daughter from you. Now you are alone with nothing better to do but let the demons inside of you run your life as you act like a maniac and go on and on and on . .

    I wish you love.

    1. Wow, how full of shit can you be?! Very full of shit Beatrice, yes you are, I JUST GOT ANOTHER MESSAGE FROM SOMEONE YOU JUST MESSAGED TODAY doing the same thing you've BEEN doing since October. All I can do is defend myself, which I will keep doing, because you're a liar and I'm innocent and you will never win against me because I'm telling the 100% and you are completely full of shit and that is a PROVEN fact. So get out of here with your phony love act Beastice, no one's buying it. No one, anywhere is buying It Beastice.

    2. 5 hours ago[name hidden to protect identidy of sender]
      Hey girl guess who just sent me a friend request? Your nightmare Beatris or however you spell her name...the crazy bitch...Im not excepting UGH

      2 hours agoKimberly Glasnapp
      Just ignore her and she'll having nothing to feed on, but report it, as harassing message or however you do that - report it to facebook but then just ignore her because I've seen how she is and any reaction at all, any kind of acknowledgement like blocking her, saying anything, or just any reaction at all fuels her and makes it escalate. People who don't ignore her get seriously harassed. She's seriously a liar like I've never met in my life and her manipulating, omg and what a petty and vengeful person to really want to ruin a good rescue lady's name........

      37 minutes ago [name hidden to protect identidy of sender]
      I read the blog and the reports...that is one nutty bitch...Im going to see if i can report her somehow. I just laughed when i saw her name there. No way i want that crazy bitch having access to my page. I do hope she stop harrassing you, you can tell by what she wrote she is nuts and is just emabarrassing herself.

    3. You've been posting how you wish death and pain on me and my friends so how do you think anyone's going to buy that Bea, that you wish me love - you must just say what you think a normal, innocent person in the right might say and say it. Because you are so far out of touch with reality you don't even realize how you contradict youself getting caught in your own lies and how YOU are the one hurting YOUR own reputation, NOT ME. My reputation is fine, SO FINE in fact in the middle of your little shit storm I started up my page and it's gone strong with support since that day, growing everyday. You're not hurting me, nothing you do against me works because it's the law of karma that you actually in reality know nothing about. But you will.

    4. Saying "I wish you love" at the end of a message where you're being abusive does not vindicate you!. Weirdo.

  7. Kimberly, you don't have to defend yourself against this evil, nasty person. Everyone who knows Beatrice Marot is laughing hysterically at what she is saying. She is so filled with love and compassion!! Push her a little, and watch the filth spew out! She will erupt like a carbuncle and more filth and rotting mess will flow out than you can ever imagine. She is an evil, cowardly pig. As she can't win her own fights, because she is in the wrong, she contacts everyone she can possibly find. "Make her stop! She is being mean" while she continues to post bigoted, racist, homophobic things about any and everyone she gets angry with. All anyone has to do is google her name. They will find out what the real Beatrice Marot is.

  8. hello my fellow survivors of beastice by the way NICE ONE THAT ROFFLMMFAO well well well still running your face i see beastice you claim kim is stalking you funny all the slams seem to be comming from you the way kim wasnt the first to send a dna dnr dnt on you that landed on my page.and it wont be the last i am sure. you call your self a goddess and light worker,you wished me to die during a seizure ! you are FUCKED IN THE HEAD FOR SURE. you say seizures are a demon manifestation, to quote you "she has a demon sleeping on her throat" you need to be locked away in a mental health hospital and given electro shock therapy and never see the light of day again MIDNIGHT ANGEL THIS YOU FAT PIG FUCKING LOOSER

  9. Hmmm, why do you suppose now that Beatrice finally has the chance she's not here. If she really felt right in all this "warning" everyone about what a fraud I am and how I'm so horrible to poor Beatrice. Could it be because she's completely full of crap and knows I'm too smart for her, that I'll call her out on all her bullshit and everyone will finally know what a liar she is. That little thing is all she has to say to me, but has SO much to say to everyone else about me. So quiet now. Chicken, I knew you would hide.

  10. Beatrice is on this blog slandering me while trying to convince everyone that she is not really stalking me, that she is much "too busy caring about people" to harass me. roflmao!!!!!

    Check it out - the CoffeeLovingSkeptic Posted by Tony August 28, 2011
    Psychic ability and talking to ghosts? You’re either a fraud or mentally ill.

    1. well we know already shes a nut case .the thing that i get a laugh out of i read the trash she posts the term that best describes her mental health issue is split presonality and there all schitzo she needs to be loaded with haldol thorizine and a doubble lobebotomy then again she dont have enugh brain to make that one work celery stalker anyone?

  11. She emailed me AGAIN yesterday.

    Nothing abusive this time, but ironically linking me to a picture of animals "abused" by science!


  12. i put up a post on about her ripping me off $300 in very early oct 2011 before all the rest of this shit hit the fan just last sat i think it was she responded to it 6 mo after the fact with the wrong dates exct. she did scam me however she didnt have a clue who i was theres a reason for that i used a greendot visa she took the money but never did the reading yea big suprise i know lmao shes nothing but a psychotic bitch did i know she was a fraud yup i did ahhh the web your best source for info on anyone good bad and beast lmao

  13. It's been a long time and I've moved on, got busy with living my life, but Beatrice isn't able to let it go, she commented on a report on Scambook quoting me sharing about a problem with my Facebook profile that literally 1,000's of our friends have been also having, but here's Beast trying to get people to believe it's happening because of some shady activity she claims I do. God, give it up Beatrice, you're attacking a good person and no one in the a.r. community is going to let YOU take me down because they know all about you Beast, you forget, you've pulled this with too many rescue people, some of which are very powerful in rescue.




    Omg I'm SO SICK OF FACEBOOK'S BULLSHIT!!! First they take down me and
    dozens of other a.r. people's profiles down, then restricted me from
    sending friend requests for 14 days, now that over not 1 lousy day and
    I get restricted from adding or message people not in my network for
    30 days - and now when I comment I see Facebook is gearing up for also
    restricting what we comment on. People we have to find another a.r.
    networking tool cuz FACEBOOK FUCKING SUCKS. This is what I get now
    every time I try to comment a thread: Are you sure you want to post

    If your comment is irrelevant or inappropriate, you may be be blocked
    from commenting on public posts. Please review your comment before

    View the comment at

    1. Above is just to show how she stalks our pages, copying and pasting any thing we say, only she takes it out of context and leaves pertinent things out so she can put a negative light on it. Yep, a real peach of a classy lady. You should see her page on Facebook which SHE ADMINS HERSELF called "We Love Beatrice Marot" roflma! Can you say "narcissistic"? lol. and it's the real her, non of her usual bologna about love and light - she gets right down to what really matters to her, and that's spreading lies about people she's pissed at and trying to drum up support for herself and sympathy for all she's "been through". It's pretty hard to swallow when you know that everything in her life that's gone bad that she blames other for is no one's fault but her own.

  14. She comes close to admitting she's a stalker and has been told to stop bothering me here on Coffee Loving Skeptic Blog (link:
    "Psychic ability and talking to ghosts? You’re either a fraud or mentally ill." by Tony) Beatrice says:
    January 10, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    This was sent to the police officer in charge of my case . . .

    Here is a breakdown of what she has done. After filing my initial report with Officer *****, he told me never to contact her again via email and I have not. I had several complaints that I removed because trolls and Kimberly’s “sock puppets” would constantly undermine me by posting nasty horrible mean things about me and very nasty pornographic exchanges. Just awful stuff. They did it on this thread as well but here is the short list of what this woman has done to me.

    I haven't done anything unless you count my trying to defend myself against some of more serious accusations. This Beatrice Marot woman needs some intense psychiatric intervention or at least a hobby. What a loser.

  15. Oh and I'm not sure when Beatrice left that comment above, I'm pretty sure it was before this last stalker move she made - last week even though I've not done anything at all except click "Like" on a page dedicated to not liking her, and for that she actually emailed my poor young daughters new boy friends work with all sorts of crazy lies against us. He just laughed when we saw him saying "Ya she's a crazy lady after you huh" and that's what she accomplished, yet another person she tried to turn against us just sees her for what she is, a crazy person full of hate looking for revenge for something most people would have gotten over immediately.

  16. i wasnt sure why i was pulled over here but i am now she cant even quote the scambook properly not to mention all the nasty posts she left on there after i said i wasnt going to comment any more i told you i was going to give her the rope and let her hang herself which is what happened exactly the world knows shes a nutter shes just confirming it

  17. shes such a fucking whack job its unfucking real first she denis posting on scam book then she denied dening that she wrote it i have screen shots of course fucking hell whats she smoking??

  18. I wrote an update to this blog, it's similar to this one only less about my personal experience and more a simple chronicle of proof available online all compiled on one page with links to enable the readers own research. Beatrice is a serial cyber stalker, she has a disagreement with someone, no matter how petty it is she blows it out of proportion and then she's at it again, posting Facebook notes and online false consumer reports on the person, lying and cyber bullying and stalking the person, and any attempt to respond or defend themselves she tries to put off as some kind of twisted proof that she is actually the victim of cyber stalking rather than the perpetrator. If the link doesn't "pop", please copy and paste the URL into your web browser. Thank you.

  19. Definition of whited sepulcher - a person who is inwardly evil but outwardly professes to be virtuous

  20. ahhhh i like it shes back to demanding we remove our *hate *filled blogs.
    she keeps saying shes removing the complaints but then what does she do ? put another on .
    she needs to be put down in a big way

  21. They're not going anywhere, though she's tried every trick in the book to get us to take them down so all that will be floating around are all the lies spread by HER. And they aren't hate, that's just her trying to put a twist on the truth to make herself look better, they're just our side the story she's lying about, the truth! With her publishing all these lies about us is she really surprised to see us publishing the truth? What an idiot. Here's some other blogs that are good too, and on this one will leave you laughing your ass off at that fool! Also if you've been bullied by Beatrice you can contact her:

    Barbara's blog about her:

    And a Note I published on Facebook last week:

    and my other blog:

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