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Whited Sepulcher Beatrice Marot Leaves 2 Decades of Victims In Her Wake as Cyber Bully, Stalker

"Beatrice Marot's Long List of Victims and Crimes":  

(photo is at least 25 years old, no recent photo available)

Beatrice Marot's Crimes Against The Innocent

My name is Kimberly and I am being stalked by Beatrice for a fallout we had when she fostered dogs for me that I'd rescued from a shelter. Beatrice Marot has been stalking me, my friends, my social networking profiles and emailing me almost daily ever since - including filing countless false consumer report fraud complaints against me which I can only guess was to get back at me, and after what she did to the foster dogs we trusted her to take care of, as promised in the foster contract she'd signed. I'll never understand why, why she went on this campaign to ruin me after I tried every way I knew to be polite, and professional, even after she threatened what every rescuer fears most, to dump the rescue dogs at the kill shelter! An innocent, sweet young mamma dog and her tiny puppy who she claimed to care about. I knew then I was dealing with a very sick person and handled it the best to my ability, but no matter what I did, her anger and efforts to ruin me just continues to escalate. She still comments and leaves rebuttals on the many consumer complaints she filed against me just going on and on that in her opinion I over reacted to what she describes as 10 minutes of anger. But you can ask any rescuer if there was any circumstance where it might be acceptable to leave a rescue dog(s) with a foster who acted over whelmed in many phone calls and messages complaining about the dogs then leaves a message to you that if you don't get there fast enough to pick them up, that she would dump your rescue dogs at the nearest shelter, which by the way was a high volume, high kill city shelter hell hole. I am NOT THE ONLY RESCUER SHE'S DONE THIS TO either! In fact I AM THE 3RD RESCUE SHE FOSTERED FOR THEN WENT NUTS ON THEM THE SAME WAY, THAT I KNOW OF, THERE MAY BE MORE - THAT'S NOT COUNTING THE PEOPLE UN-RELATED TO RESCUE! And I am also not the only cyber stalking victim Beatrice Marot uses the internet to exact her vengeance on - this is from the original blog/webpage that I created and published for two simple reasons:  1.To defend myself against her lies and accusations 2. To warn others who might also come into contact Beatrice Marot and hopefully spare them (and any animals she offers to dump foster) from going through what myself and several others have been through at the hands of that wretched woman years of character assassination, cyber stalking and bullying. 

Since Beatrice was using every tool available to her to cram her side of the story of what happened with the dogs down everyone's throat and try to spread lies that I am a fraud and rip off person, so to defend myself and our name and I felt I had no choice but to create a blog with my side of the story, which can be found below under "Other Information Available" about her.. Included in this blog is just some, not all, of the information available on Beatrice Marot on the internet, which once you look into it all have a very similar pattern.

As per The Freedom of Information Act
5 U.S.C. § 552, As Amended By
Public Law No. 104-231, 110 Stat. 3048
This site is dedicated to exposing an internet stalker and con person for what she is. This is all the information that is readily available to the public on the individual named Beatrice Marot.

Beatrice Marot uses this profile (and recently, has added a few others) to slander and cyber stalk her victims:

Beatrice Marot claims to be a phsychic

The websites she uses for this scam are: and

Her victims used the same websites she uses to defend themselves which only serves to enrage her further and sets her off and another internet rampage. Beatrice Marot is a very busy person on the internet stalking people who don't agree with her or people who make her angry. The following is result of all that.


Chip Coffey is the respected television phsychic who, in sticking with her usual serial stalker fashion, her side of the story is that HE stalked HER - along with about half a dozen other people she claims stalk her - according to Beatrice anyway... that's her M.O. - it's what she's done to everyobne of her victims over the years - she accuses her victims of actually being the one's who are victimizing HER - when in reality the truth is the opposite. To follow is a search list of sites she has slandered him on, which goes on and on and is the definition of cyber stalking - please follow this link: 

there's alot more, but some has such serious allegation I don't want to further publicise it on the internet, none of it's true.

Beatrice name drops in shameless attempt to connect her name with celebrities for a pathetic attempt at some fake credibility

Beatrice even tried to connect her name to Tupac:

and even Robert De Niro:

Oh and we can't leave out Billy Zane! 

He bought her the apartment she lives and this is how she repaid him, she cyber bullied and slandered him for years too:


and this blog by Beast called WHO'S BILLY ZANE? is a ridiculously full of shit like everything else she publishes:

and I don't even know what these are about, but it looks like interesting reading, click the green link or copy and past the green url into your webrowser:

  1. charlie | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ...
    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. ... Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER ...
  2. SAD | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ...
    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. ... Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER ...
  3. myself | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ...
    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. ... Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER ...


NewsGator Article/Blog  “beatrice marot and her multi-delusional reality”:


Complaints filed against Beatrice Marot using same website she uses: 

Seems she didn't like it when people took her favorite weapon and started beating right back with it, and strikes back without thinking it through in typical Beatrice fashion. If she had a brain she might be dangerous.


For more just search her name on Google and Bing, since every day she's still at it, there will be more to come.

If you need a good laugh at her expense this Howard Stern Radio Show clip is golden!:

Beatrice sucks her way onto the Howard Stern radio show!  Follow this link to the Howard Stern Show News Archives For The Week Of 9/2/2002 to 9/6/2002:

And MORE RECENTLY, Beatrice Marot is commenting all through this guys blog (till banned) Beast (our pet name for Beatrice Marot) in all her bat-shit crazy glory - I bring you

"Rant In A Minor" by Kris King:

To see Beatrice in action with all her usual insanity please follow this link:
live link: "Psychic ability and talking to ghosts? You’re either a fraud or mentally ill." by Tony


For the truth of what happened between Beatrice Marot and I is in my blog below.  It's about not just me but the two little rescue dogs I had to take back from Beatrice Marot after her 3 months off her unpredictable behavior culminated in an email message saying she was going to dump them at a shelter if I didn't show up quick enough to pick them up. Follow this link to read what she's done to me - this is what really ACTUALLY happened, facts backed up with evidence, this is the truth, which you'll notice is very different from her absurd, twisted, deliberately dishonest version:

DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters) published Oct 2011 by Kimberly Glasnapp

BEATRICE DIVES OVER THE EDGE OF INSANITY ~ the pm's that started it all


Published July 2011, updated Nov 2011 by Kimberly Glasnapp

LOOK BELOW AT ALL THE FALSE ONLINE CONSUMER COMPLAINTS   Beatrice Marot Filed Against me (SO FAR) since I had the police had to be called in to help me remove the two frightened rescue dogs that she had been trusted to foster for us in October 16, 2011  - 4 months ago.  ...Some of the complains have since been removed, some edited.... she's also posted more up on the same sites since then, so to see what she's been up to since then you would have to do a Google or Bing search of her name along with my name (Beatrice Marot & Kimberly Glasnapp of Bambi's Hope Rescue).  comments from of above post!/I_Got_Screwed/statuses/148868900283613184   ******no doubt something someone unknowingly shared from Beast - may've been removed    ****there are 6 pages of it   ****this is page 4


iTunes - Podcasts - The 'X' Zone Radio Show Podcast by Rob ... - United Kingdom
INVESEC investigates computer crimes, such as identity theft, harassing e-mails, ......CleanBeatrice Morat, Hollywood Spiritual Advisor - Beatrice Marot has been a ...Celebrity clients include Robert De Niro, Robin Wright, Billy Zane, Michelle ...

Ripoff Report | BEATRICE MAROT | Complaint Review: 401141
Dec 13, 2008 – BEATRICE MAROT - RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, DEFAMATION OF ...Sean Penn, actor Billy Zane and, most recently, with Dick Clark Productions. ..... his friends to harass me and call me and purposely leave negative feedback.

There was one that showed Beatrice saying that I won't return any of her emails because "she's trying to make it look like I"M the one harassing her" lmao, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. She's all over the place harassing and slandering me and also harassing anyone who shows support and love for me. BEATRICE IS A LIAR, AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE SHE'S HARASSING ME IT'S BECAUSE SHE IS!!!! If she what she's doing seems like stalking it's because IT IS. And if you look at all I've written couldn't even be misconstrued by her, the pro of manipulation, it is clearly just reacting to an attack and defending myself against her lies. She's also ADMITTED to slandering me to cause me the same pain she felt the day she blew it with the dogs. ... and how she can blame anyone but her self for how what transpired is just a testament to how disturbed she really is.